How to Prove Your Self-Employed Income

Proving your Self-Employment Income

Mortgage Lenders will require you to provide your HMRC SA302 Tax Year Calculation & Tax Year Overview forms to support and evidence the income you have earned during each tax year.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) provides the information online via the Self-Assessment System, or alternatively your Accountant can obtain them for you.

Alternatively, they can also be ordered by calling HMRC although downloading them is much quicker, especially if your Mortgage Broker requires them to find you the correct Mortgage!

Lenders will not normally accept your ‘full’ Tax Return as sufficient proof of income – you can expect lenders to request at least the most recent 2 years of Tax Year Calculation and Overview documents.

This enables them to ensure that the correct amount of income is used in the assessment, and also it proves that all amounts of tax due have been paid in full.

Each year, once we pass the 5th October, most lenders (but not all) will be expecting your next Tax Return to have been filed to HMRC, as the previous tax year documents will then be more than 18 months old.

This request may be out of sync with how your Accountant may normally proceed with submitting your Tax Return, so please don’t be surprised if your request is answered with….’Why Now?’

So, how can you view and download the necessary tax documents?


SA302s (Tax Year Calculation) 

Log into the HMRC online account - go to

Scroll down and Log In 

Select ‘Self-Assessment’

Follow the link ‘Get SA302 Tax Calculation for tax year 20xx to 20xx'

Follow the link ‘Continue to your SA302’ 

Click the ‘View your Calculation’ link 

Scroll to the bottom of the page 

Click on 'View and Print Your Calculation'

Select 'Save as PDF' 

Save to a folder


Tax Year Overviews 

The Tax Year Overview is produced by HMRC after the customer has submitted their self-assessment tax return.

It also shows the amount of tax due to be paid directly to HMRC or any available amount for a refund.

Log into the HMRC online account (go to

Scroll down and Log In 

Select ‘Self-Assessment’

Follow the link ‘View Self-Assessment return for tax year 20xx to 20xx' 

Select the appropriate tax year you require from the drop-down box 

Click 'Go' 

Scroll down and click on 'Print your Tax Year Overview'

Select 'Save as PDF' 

Save to a folder