Home Insurance

Protecting against the Unknown

Buildings and Contents Insurance covers the cost of repairing your Home in the event of a Claim for unexpected events, such as Fire or Flooding and if you hold Contents Insurance as well, this can protect your personal possessions.

There are two types of household insurance - buildings and contents. They are separate entities but can normally be bought together, which may mean you can achieve a discount on the monthly premiums.

Buildings Insurance

Having buildings insurance is mandatory when taking a mortgage, regardless of whether you’re buying a property or remortgaging. It is a condition of every mortgage offer than buildings insurance is in place.

Aside from the mandatory aspect, insuring your property and contents is important. Imagine having to rebuild your property or replace all of your contents following a flood or fire without financial assistance.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance covers the loss of or damage to the contents of your home. This includes your furniture, electrical goods and other items within your home. Some policies cover you for items you take outside, for example cameras, jewellery and briefcases.

Different policies offer different levels of cover but generally you'll be covered against theft and fire, and have the option to insure against damage you may cause by accident.