About Lentune

A little about Us...

At Lentune Mortgage Consultancy, we know how seeking a Mortgage can be a time consuming and sometimes baffling process.

Our aim is to make that process simpler - we know you'd rather not spend weeks waiting for an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser with your local Bank, then two hours later you feel as if you've been on a rollercoaster, having passed over so much personal information that you wonder if your shoe size is also required.

Our experience stems from working within High Street lenders - so we know exactly what lenders are looking for.

If you research Mortgages yourself online, at the beginning it may seem straightforward, until you complete a Mortgage Affordability check and it seems that the lender you've chosen can't offer you the interest rate you had your eyes on - our job is to match Borrowers with Lenders.

Not all lenders assess Mortgages, or the Applicants in the same way - and we're here to be your guiding hand through the process.

Buying a Property or Remortgaging can be a daunting process - but it won't be if you use Lentune!


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